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        • 孙晋升 Sun Jinsheng
          技术群总监 Technology Group Director


          I was very lucky to join Career 10 years ago, and through practice I have developed significantly in my professional and personal career path. Thank you, Career, for providing me with this broad platform and many opportunities. Thank you, my colleagues, for your company and kind support. The light-hearted but focused atmosphere here makes me steadfast and bold. I will keep moving forward and strive hard for Career’s development. Best wishes to Career!

        • 孙孝胜 Sun XiaoSheng
          南京分公司 总经理 Nanjing Branch General Manager

          作为柯瑞的一员,感恩公司的信任,感恩公司的栽培!我跟随柯瑞发展的脚步一路走来,虽然在工作中付出了很多汗水,但我的收获更多,这个过程锻炼了我的学习力、执行力和领导力。 如今在新的岗位上,我将迎接新的挑战,作一个快乐的工作者,让我们继续前行,在路上!

          As a Career member I thank Career for trusting me and developing me. I have followed Career’s footsteps from the beginning and have gained so much even through hard and tiring work. My ability to learn, execute and lead have been developed over the years serving Career.
          In my new position today I am willing to take on more challenges and work with joy and passion. Forward together! We are on the right track.