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        • Cheng Jianxin
          Jiangsu career mechanical and electrical engineering co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors

          Career Engineering grew from the grassroots level of the industry and has never since been stopped by difficulties. We have worked very hard, boldly moving forward, and have developed a solid professional path in the highly competitive market while maintaining integrity and conscientiousness. We value this difficult course of development and see this as the spiritual impetus motivating us to progress. We believe in professionalism and always set our minds to developing business in our field of specialization. We are a team that learns, full of life and highly cohesive. 

          We do believe that Career’s achievements today are based on the unprecedented historical opportunities provided by the booming Chinese economy, the rapid development of industry, the improved professional discipline and regulatory system, the fairer and more efficient industry administrative service environment, the trust and support of our clients, the promotion brought by the advancement of all sectors in the society, and the whole Career Team’s joint efforts and will to advance. We will continue to work hard, forge ahead, and never give up! Career people use the construction industry as a platform to provide leading engineering products and services, to build a professional brand image combining corporate social responsibility with clients’ overall trust, as well as getting Career’s core values universally accepted by society.

          In this great era of the Chinese nation, young Career people are fully aware that opportunities and challenges coexist but so are honors and dreams. We adhere to building a solid human resources foundation, pursuing a professional path, following customers’ orientation, and building a highly respected national brand in the construction and installation industries, as well as becoming a socially responsible public company.

        • Dien-Xi Wu
          General Manager

          Over the last ten years Career has grown from a sporadic project contractor to a professional MEP engineering company providing technical integration and systematic solutions - the development is obvious.

          During Career’s rapid development, I have by chance had the honor of joining the team. As the General Manager, I think Career is full of passion and ideal, focusing on standardization and efficiency. At the meanwhile, Career still needs to expand its vision and gaining more experience.

          Based on Career’s strategic planning, I will firmly and steadily lead the team towards the company’s vision.

        • Shi Kai
          Chief Engineer,Jiangsu Career Electromechanical Co.Ltd

          For thirteen years I have worked for Career as an independent technical advisor at Career, growing together with the company through difficult times, and witnessing its development. Now I serve as the Chief Engineer at Career and hope that it will become a leader in the industry. For more than a decade Career has undertaken hundreds of projects, gradually growing from a subcontractor to an independent contractor and to today's Grade I general contractor of electro-mechanical engineering. Career has earned respect and praise from its customers, partners, industry peers and local governments, and established a good corporate image. These achievements are the result of Career people's joint efforts and hard work. We learn from every setback, we rise from every adversity; our culture, vision and team have always supported the folks at Career. I believe Career will have an even brighter future. For all our Career people, let’s continue to join hands and work together to achieve our vision and make Career bigger and stronger.

        • Wen Qinlin
          Deputy Manager ——Wen Qinglin

          Career’s vision and mission is the ideal of the folks at Career. Striving for the company for over ten years I have been through hard times, but the majority of time I learnt and gained, and I affirm and respect Career. Today, I'm proud of Career not only because it has provided services to hundreds of companies, but also because Career people are simple, healthy, sincere, and committed to life learning; because Career people have strong self-respect and self-discipline, as well as integrity and righteousness; because Career people are down to earth and rigorous, sincerely pursuing sustainable development.

          I will contribute my whole life to implement and realize Career’s vision and mission.

        • Cheng Zhu
          HR Group Director

          Career’s corporate culture is like a giant tree rooted in deep soil and absorbing inexhaustible nutrients, to grow into people’s heart and give life. 

           Career’s culture penetrates to the core, and integrates with natural morality. It tries to enrich the spiritual side of the folks at Career, enabling them to acquire vitality and internal motivation. Based on the personal growth of each at Career, Career will certainly become a giant of a tree in turn!     

           I have spent 11 valued years with Career, and am honored to be part of those roots. I will do all I can to add value to the company.

        • Yao Hongjun
          Free Project Group Director Yao Hongjun Audit Dept.

          Life was given by my parents, but my value in life comes from the platform provided by Career. For the past 13 years Career trained me and helped me find my sense of belonging; and I have also witnessed Career’s growth. Every person at Career is working hard to build “a highly respected national brand in the construction and installation industries”!

          I wish Career sustainable development and boundless vitality. 

        • Cheng Hongbin
          Free Project Group Director Chenghongbin Project Maintenance Division

          “Center” combined with “heart” form the Chinese character for loyalty, and the strength of a man comes from loyalty and integrity. In my past 17 years serving Career I shared weal and woe with the Career team; I treated Career with loyalty and Career rewarded me with maturity and achievements. I will continue to grow together with Career. I do wish Career a glorious future!

        • Xu Jiange
          Free Project Group Director Xu Jiange Automation Division

          I have served Career for over ten years and in turn have been continuously growing. In different roles here I see different scenes and the whole of these experiences helped me develop inner peace and steady footsteps. I don’t know how to thank Career enough. I love professionalism, respect pragmatic spirit, and I sincerely hope all our Career people can work together to do our very best to make every Career project respected and trusted by the owners!

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